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My name is Alice Eleanor Matthews.

I am a 24 years old. 

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters degree in physics in July of 2019. It is one of my proudest achievements! See the photo below for a super happy Alice on graduation day! I can assure you now, it wasn't always smiles though! Those 5 years were some of the best and lowest times of my life. I got to know myself and what works and what doesn't work. But in the end everything worked its way out for the best. As one of my wise friends once said...

"If it's not going well, it's not over yet"

University was one to the best times of my life, and I miss it a lot! I can't wait to share these experiences with you in this blog, as well as tips and tricks on getting by as a broke a** student living on £30 a week!! Studying physics was hard, and it made me feel stupid most of the time, but that's because it forced me to push myself, and if I'm not doing that these days, I get super bored! Also, physics is awesome and so why not keep learning about the universe? I consider myself adventurous, and learning physics for me is an adventure, so I will continue to do this alongside my full time job as Lead Business Analyst at BYTES. I am going to choose a certain topic or theme each month, and dedicate blog post series to sharing what I learned with you guys. Alongside physics content, I will also share many other secrets with you, like surviving university, getting internships, jobs and application processes! 

I​ have a passion for space, astrophysics and the environment, as some of you know, I am very in touch with the issues we face on Earth and as a planet, so I also want to do my bit there. The best we can do is learn about these issues, and becoming aware is a start. As I learn more about these issues, I will share them on here in the hopes it helps enlighten you guys too!

I am also super active, I love exploring, trying new things and meeting new people (when in the right mindset of course). During my time at university I joined SO many societies and did lots of sports activities. I want to talk about these adventures, as well as the importance to try new things and to be brave in doing so. The only things we regret in life are the things we didn't do. I hope to keep exploring new hobbies, such as keeping this blog and I plan to keep you guys posted along the way! I hope my stories inspire you guys to do the same, or at least bring some smiles reading about my experiences. 

​I am a keen science communicator, and will also write about my experiences in this, through teaching and going to outreach events in order to inspire young children (and adults) to aspire to a career in science! I have taught multiple courses to young children and plan to expand on this to YouTube as well as start a personal channel to talk about everything Alice - keep eyes peeled on this one!! 

I hope to talk about some of my experiences such as my internships, and also being a student at university, as well as what it's like to be a woman in science. I also want to discuss important topics such as Climate Change from a scientific perspective. I am an advocate for equality, across all species. Therefore you will see posts from me about animal rights, cruelty free living and veganism. I will touch on this in regards to buying cruelty free products, buying pre-loved, vintage and charity shop clothes, as well as eating right - I am currently studying for a diploma in Nutrition so I promise it's from an honest source!

I also think it is super important to talk about the struggles and downfalls, to help you get through similar experiences, offer comfort that you are not alone and to make light of these moments. Therefore I hope to talk about my experience with mental health. ​I also hope to share stories about travelling and holidays for those of you who just want to know what I've been up to and how to do it vegan and cheap!

I really hope you enjoy these and please, comment on the posts as well as sending me a message about anything! Be it advice, or post requests! I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Thank you for being here and supporting me and listening to my journey!

Alice xo

Alice Eleanor Matthews Blog

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